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Bridge Engineering Software

Bridge Design Software Roadway Design
 Bridge Management Geotechnical
 Continuous Beam Analysis General Structural Analysis
Moment Curvature/Push-Over General Engineering

Bridge Design Software

Bridge Management

  • Advitam - Bridge Inventory and Inspection Support Software
  • BMX - Bridge Management eXpert
  • BridgeView - Bridge and culvert management software from CarteGraph
  • BridgeInspect For bridge, culvert, and other structure management and inspection.
  • IBIIS - Integrated Bridge Inspection Information System
  • Inspection On Hand (IOH) - A system for the automated collection of bridge inspection information
  • PONTIS - Bridge management
  • PubWorks - Cost Accounting Software For Your Public Works Department

Roadway Design

Moment Curvature/
Push-Over Analysis

  • DBET - Software for Moment Curvature Analysis for prestressed and reinforced concrete cross sections
  • OpenSees - Open System for Earthquake Engineering SimulationFree!
  • SC-Push3D - nonlinear push-over program from SC Solutions
  • UCFiber - Moment curvature analysis
  • USC_RC - Moment-Curvature, Force-Deflection, and Moment Interaction Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Members

Continuous Beam Analysis

  • ACES-BEAM - Rapid enveloping of all load cases: static, moving vehicle, lane, prestress, settlement
  • Atlas - Windows 95/98/NT beam analysis programFree!
  • BeamCalc
  • BeamBoy Beam Analysis ToolFree!
  • BeamPro - Beam analysis
  • Beam!2D
  • DTBeam - Easy to use Continuous Beam Analysis
  • EZ Beam - Windows-based beam analysis package
  • Washington State LBAM components - Part of the WBFL components. Incorporate live load analysis in our Excel spreadsheets!Free!
  • WinBeam - Free continuous beam analysis from WinStrudl


General Structural Analysis


General Engineering Software

Bridge Software Research

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